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 Development of high-definition monitor

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PostSubject: Development of high-definition monitor   Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:26 pm

"High Definition" has been the theme of the eternal security monitoring technology, both real-time monitoring or post back all of the requirements of a high-definition images. Only readable detail screen for rich monitoring makes sense. For intelligent monitoring, the HD era also contributed to the rapid development of intelligent control.
2010 was the first year of the industry as a high-definition. In the past year, we see that the major security manufacturers have introduced hd ip camera . Currently, there are many digital surveillance projects have adopted the definition products, but most of them are local point monitoring needs, not the whole project needs of high-definition products. HD demand is mainly used in road monitoring to capture video, the movement of large areas or monitoring the area to capture a wide range of targeted face so fast. The most common application of high-definition monitor mode is combined with intelligent monitoring systems, providing high-resolution high-definition images for the intelligent monitoring of the intelligence analysis provided favorable conditions.
Be a bottleneck
We know that high-definition Video surveillance camera to capture video from the front to the middle of the transmission, the back end of the video storage, display devices and some products need to reach out and transmission requirements of high-definition monitor, or can not meet the requirements of any one part high-definition monitor will does not make sense. The popularity of high-definition monitor must also open up all aspects of technical difficulties.
Transmission bandwidth
The hardest hit is the transmission bandwidth.
The greater the resolution, high definition, means the time during the data transmission stream will increase and increase network bandwidth pressure. Use of optical fiber transmission to meet the bandwidth, but the overall optical transmission construction costs are high, it is impossible in a large range all use optical fiber transmission.
Video storage
The second is the video storage problems. The use of high-definition ip video camera storage space occupied by the greatly increased to 720P monitor, for example, the video takes about an hour drive 4G-8G, compressed capacity should reach about 3G, video capacity doubled, the cost has also increased a lot. And the large flow of data streams stored on the storage requirements of the hardware itself is also greatly improved.
Centralized management system technology
Once again, a centralized management system technical requirements too high. To achieve true high-definition monitor, you must collect from the video source and video signal encoding, video transmission, video browsing, video files and other aspects of full support for HD playback. So that the technical requirements for the entire system is very high. Centralized control and management software for the standard is also enhanced.
Cost price
Finally, there is price and cost. All aspects of techniques and hardware costs are increasing a lot, for the popularity of high definition, no doubt, a great resistance.
With the continuous development of science and technology, the major manufacturers of competing concerns, the market demand and policy driven, I believe in the next few years, we can break through these bottlenecks, so that high-definition video surveillance to achieve its inherent value .
Application of high-definition products industry
Focus on the current industry demand, in road transport, urban security monitoring, airport, subway, financial and banking, customs, border security and other safety precautions need to strictly enforce the field will have a strong demand for high-definition. Applications in other fields are expanding, such as water and power, telemedicine video teaching, environmental monitoring and so on. Typical industrial applications for the following analysis:
Road monitoring
Monitor the road, how to see on the highway speeding vehicle license? At the crossroads, how to effectively capture license plates of vehicles driving into the breach? Such as automatic toll gate at the bridge, how to get to and from the vehicle license plate information? in intelligent transportation system how to get high-definition screen, intelligent analysis software to help intelligent monitoring application? high-definition video surveillance to monitor in a good way to solve many needs.
The front of the camera to obtain high-resolution high-definition screen, combined with intelligent traffic, greatly improving the accuracy of the analysis of image detail, so the smart play a more effective monitoring role.
Security monitoring system
The understanding of the public security system applications, the vast majority of analog video devices are unable to meet the needs of police investigation and evidence collection. Traditional analog cameras transmit the video image is blurred, the high incidence of illegal activities at night time, video images can not clearly identify the face. Whenever the screen when the characters are more or faster image motion effects even worse. The application of high-definition ip camera , video surveillance can improve the clarity, the public security system for the image to bring the best results. High-definition images rich in detail, covering a wide range of characteristics, can flow, traffic density, public places to be a good application for suspicious persons, you can see enlarged details of people's facial features. With intelligent video analysis technology, providing intelligent monitoring for the high-definition video screen resolution, which effectively improved the reliability of intelligence warning.
Financial and banking
The financial industry is the first to use video surveillance equipment industries. This information from http://www.apexis.cc
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Development of high-definition monitor
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