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 How do you Connect OBD-II to some Subaru Outback?

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PostSubject: How do you Connect OBD-II to some Subaru Outback?   Thu May 24, 2012 12:47 pm

By 2010, OBD-II refers back to the kind of engine diagnostic system utilized by most contemporary vehicle producers, including Subaru. Subaru Outbacks used the OBD-II system since 1996. OBD-II enables customers for connecting a Bluetooth ELM327 tool straight to the Subaru Outback computer for fast and simple proper diagnosis of engine codes. Whenever your Subaru Outback's check engine light occurs, connect an OBD-II device for your diagnostic system to discover what's wrong.


Take away the lower dashboard panel around the driver side of the Subaru Outback. It's the panel situated within the space between the foot of your controls as well as your gas and brake pedals. The panel should simply accomplish.


Search for the OBD-II data link connector (DLC). The connector may have 16 hooks arranged in 2 rows of 8. It will likely be unplugged and really should resemble the bond in your Autel MaxiDAS DS708 scanner.


Plug your OBD-II scanner in to the DLC in your vehicle and switch the scanner on as well as your vehicle on. You don't need to begin your vehicle simply turn the important thing towards the "On" position.


Browse the code displayed the scanner and record it. Some scanning devices will assess the code for you personally, while some require mix-checking having a full service manual designed for your particular year of Subaru Outback.

Tips & Alerts

Keep the V30 Auto Scanner as well as an extra group of batteries inside your vehicle whatsoever occasions. Most frequently, check engine light troubles are minor, but figuring out a significant problem immediately may help you save 100s of dollars on vehicle repairs.

Continually be careful when being able to access the wiring in your Subaru Outback. Don't disconnect or alter any wiring outside your OBD-II DLC.
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How do you Connect OBD-II to some Subaru Outback?
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