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 The advantages of Network camera

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PostSubject: The advantages of Network camera   Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:44 pm

According to information, the China telecom for building the next generation of the Internet (the universiade IPv6) application platform IPv6, cloud computing fusion, content networking and so on many advanced technology, including wireless broadband video monitoring, DaYunCun RFID identification, mobile multimedia multilingual information service, intelligent DaYunCun (intelligent household), wireless broadband is pat namely, hd events (the live broadband Internet audio-visual), such as web portal universiade IPv6 under the framework of seven big application system, cover 41 venues, 14 a non-competition venue in shenzhen, create a more efficient and universiade events and service environment.
Among them, DaYunCun RFID applications mainly take the RFID card and have the function of the cell phone for RFID DaYunCun consumption, including DVD office, Internet bar, such as the gym place consumption, place of business shopping and other kinds of DaYunCun services; IPv6 support development of POS machine. Wireless broadband Video monitoring and, it is to point to DaYunCun and part of the venues plan to deploy IPv6 video surveillance camera high qing, the event monitoring, environment monitoring. Based on the video monitor compared IPv4, function more rich powerful wireless broadband namely take the system, through which based on the IPv6 WAPI/wifi ip camera, by setting up in the wireless ip camera access equipment or independent card reader, the first time the photo back fast media overall process and release.
At the same time, "intelligent DaYunCun" is the application of one large window. The so-called "intelligent", is DaYunCun IPv6 technology in the application of intelligent household. By then, the universiade athletes can use based on the intelligent family IPv6 gateway and business platform, through the remote control, mobile phone or PC for home lighting, curtain, air conditioning, acoustics, televisions, and so on electric control. In addition, IPv6 is also used in regional protection to the family, after warning users can happen automatically receive SMS and MMS. It is reported, athletes can also enjoy the IPv6 technology based on the visible interphone, real-time video monitoring, video entertainment services. It is reported, IPv6 and the use of IPv4 experience gap is not great. Whether the wireless network camera , whether man or hand-held terminals or fixed terminal, whether information positioning, GPS business, news, multilingual event services, number knowledgeable person information interaction, ordering information, almost all IPv4 can do, IPv6 can be completed in all.
According to introducing, to protect the next generation of the Internet IPv6 network running smoothly, thrusting shenzhen information industry development, China telecom also self-raised funds constructing digital operation center. During the universiade, digital operation center mainly by the technical operation center, event management center and IPV6 pilot operation center of three main function, assist the organizing committee play the real time control of the event information, timely dispatching decision-making. More than a large place related information of real-time release of information resources sharing, coordination, the application of informatization office, etc, also can not get away from digital operation center support services.
To this, the expert points out, the information service system is the modern large games the critical success factors, the next generation of the Internet IPv6 can meet the security, scheduling universiade and efficient service for the needs of the universiade create more efficient, safe and convenient communication environmental protection living environment.
This information from http://www.apexis.cc/News/68.aspx.
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The advantages of Network camera
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