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 Network cameras with a global market share of 33.5%

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PostSubject: Network cameras with a global market share of 33.5%   Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:04 pm

Ann noise and has announced, IMS research institutions in recent security market report, Ann noise and network cameras in the global market share of possession is up to 33.5% than last year's 32% share of (rise). The excellent performance to further consolidate the Ann (in the network video and market leading position.
Titled "global CCTV and video monitoring equipment market" the 2008 annual IMS research report based on 2007 report, including data provide analog and digital video monitoring equipment (including the camera, video solutions and video encoder) all of the manufacturers comprehensive information.
In 2007, Ann noise and the global monitoring equipment manufacturers in the sixth in a year, compared with the rise 8 before two.
In the security ip camera (including simulation and network camera) category, Ann (ranked third in the world and, than last year the forward a. In the network camera category, Ann noise and market share compared with other competitor still hold absolute advantage. In the United States and EMEA areas, Ann (the market share and than in the next three times higher than the competition.
IMS research institutions, ip video camera product will predict maintain long-term development tendency, and strong in the next five years at an average annual growth rate will reach 35%.
Ann (President and Mauritsson Ray said "IMS report once again we recognized by the global market leader as a strong position, we have to further consolidate in the video surveillance camera market leading position, this is a has the long-term and sustainable growth potential of the market."
Ann noise and focus on developing professional network video system, its market customers in education, transportation, government, retail, bank and industry. Network video system through the deployment of the standard IT infrastructure, to provide users with extensible, flexible, economic efficiency of the system for the future.
This information from http://www.apexis.cc/News/72.aspx.
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Network cameras with a global market share of 33.5%
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