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 Ten thousand sets of 100 network camera located in China

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PostSubject: Ten thousand sets of 100 network camera located in China   Fri Sep 30, 2011 12:56 pm

Ann noise and light source for Shanghai make video surveillance camera
A few days ago, network camera and Communications (Axis), network communication Co., LTD.), announced the latest) will use the digital and network, intelligent video surveillance idea for Shanghai light source customise an advanced network video monitoring system of practical. It also marked the 100th) and ten thousand sets, ip video camera has formally settled in China. The expert inside course of study thinks, the security technology is from analog to digital transition, network has already become the unstoppable trend of development. Ann noise and the cooperation with Shanghai light source, for the whole of network video surveillance market also is of great significance.
Shanghai light source is the third generation can synchrotron radiation, its design performance in front row, China international is so far the largest scientific device and big science platform in the scientific community and industry, has a wide application value. Shanghai light source is the Chinese academy of sciences and of the Shanghai municipal government, by common to countries build country for major scientific projects by the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of applied physics (legal construction unit).
The Ann provided at high magnification) and infrared ptz ip camera zoom AXIS 213 PTZ, indoor and outdoor amphibious fixed network camera AXIS 211, indoor panoramic camera AXIS 212 PTZ yuntai network monitoring software and multi-functional combination, constitute a set of functions excellent scattered configuration, centralized management system for Shanghai to realize remote monitoring equipment light environment condition, the timely discovery danger and faults are identified, fire, outside invasion and other security hidden danger, prevent the happening of the major accident, the key role of the security.
Shanghai light source said: "because of the particularity of the scientific research facilities in equipment, commissioning and operation period, the scientific research personnel and workers can't access to Shanghai is light source, and the indoor ip camera solutions to make Shanghai light source to achieve internal key equipment and the place of the remote monitoring, and two-way video and audio talkback the integration of the picture makes the technical experts in the monitoring center and the field can maintenance personnel, so as to further improve the speech dialogue to maintain the work efficiency, greatly shorten the equipment maintenance time. In addition, existing network infrastructure is greatly reduced the video monitoring system of the construction cost." Shanghai sa Yi industrial Co., LTD is the network video monitoring system of the project, the company general manager si zhu Ming pointed out: "Ann for) and the network camera good image quality and stability, strong network performance and large system building ability is one of the main reasons why we choose. Of course, Ann-and the market share of the world's first brand awareness and also greatly promoted we choose the product of faith."
"We are very happy to be able to provide services for Shanghai light source. Ann-and will continue with the outstanding technology and perfect service combined with the characteristics of the market localization, the better satisfied Shanghai light source and other Chinese the demand of the market." Ann-and the new China gm HanYan light, "said Ann (since 1996 in the world and developed the first paragraph network camera technology, and focused on leads global since users use advanced network technology and digital, intelligent video technology and promote the traditional security monitoring system. In fact, in addition to energy groups outside customers, Ann (in China and has made a lot of industry breakthrough, such as peace city project, etc.), and ten thousand sets of network cameras can 100 successfully set up in China, China) and for Ann, it is a joy, but also a challenge."
Earlier there authority is expected to announce estimates by 2010, network video market sales will reach billions of dollars. The UK market Research firm IMS the latest report, of) in the global network, and the market share of the camera market has accounted for 32%, year by year and take on the fast growth trend. And the-and ten thousand sets of 100, network in China, camera was on full display) and China market development, the determination and results. At present, Ann (in the Chinese market has been successful and involved with the power, transportation, energy, education and government, etc DuoGe field, rapid development momentum acceptance.
This information from http://www.apexis.cc/News/75.aspx.
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Ten thousand sets of 100 network camera located in China
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