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 I am a fan of ip video monitoring

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PostSubject: I am a fan of ip video monitoring    Fri Oct 07, 2011 12:57 pm

Now the world is video surveillance camera , but also far failed to evolve to the ip video surveillance of the world. Fashion video monitor market has two kinds of technical route: one kind is the digital video monitoring based on IP, and the other is based on traditional video monitoring of the analog signal.

The rapid rise of ip camera, organization, information of the industry brought integration. As an important source of information collection, video monitoring system comprehensive and integrated into the organizational information system, is an inevitable trend. In this context, the simulation type video monitoring the drawbacks of the increasingly revealed.

Usually behind the wifi ip camera to simulate a lot of line, even respectively video, audio signal transmission. Analog signal back-end processing and management also has many disadvantages. In the digital management platform, we first need to analog signals are converted to digital signal storage, filing, inquires the, to read, and often needs to query is reduced into analog signals. Faced with real-time inquiry, cross department real-time information sharing and other complex needs, video monitoring data processing of simulation in low efficiency is completely exposed.
If you use network video surveillance system, the problem is solved. IP video monitoring system, for example, the deployment of the very simple network cameras can in the existing enterprise nets plug and play. In addition, simulation type video monitoring in the store, often need eight pathways, if you want to increase the 10 other channel, it needs to add other digital hard disk video recorder (DVR). Using IP video monitoring, makes it all becomes very simple, as long as in the etheric WangKou plug in on-line, be transferred to the background to deal with. Flexibility, plug and play, and can be easily realize remote access and more visit, the video monitoring is the IP charm.

At present, the IP video monitoring system is moving toward "unified deployment + data sharing" the monitoring network development direction.

This information from http://www.apexis.cc/News/76.aspx.
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I am a fan of ip video monitoring
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