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 3G network camera is going to be the core of the family security

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PostSubject: 3G network camera is going to be the core of the family security    Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:47 pm

3g ip camera (3G network Camera) using the latest 3G mobile communication technology, in view of the family, the small enterprise or specific industry users demand, monitoring applications designed a kind of simple installation, operation spirit, higher ratio of mobile video monitoring equipment. 3 G network camera through the 3G wireless Internet access 3G network (support mobile td-scdma, unicom W-CDMA, telecom CDMA2000).
ip camera and Wireless IP Camera is different, its provides not only through the Internet access way, more creative provides 3G video phone channel monitoring method. So, you use ordinary 3 G phones, do not need to install the software, just to make a video phone, camera from the real-time video immediately appear in sight, and allow monitoring became very simple. 3G network camera's greatest strength is forever, once have online user warning, automatic cameras to dial the 3G mobile phone number set, you just press a button and answer any situation panorama. Use video phone audio channel, 3G network cameras can realize the function of the monitor, more facilitate you understand the scene of the video surveillance camera .
In addition, the phone record video browsing, mobile phone fortify and removal, mobile phone number filtering, visit password protection, external sensor etc function, let the 3G network camera become the core of the family security.
Through 3G dial-up Internet access, 3G network cameras can access the Internet, through the DDNS supports remote access to the Internet, Web monitoring, and USES the h.264 ip camera.
This information from http://www.apexis.cc/News/84.aspx
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3G network camera is going to be the core of the family security
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