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 The development history of Hd network camera

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PostSubject: The development history of Hd network camera    Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:13 pm

Millions of pixel, hd video camera's description:
In this "hd" infested times, everywhere can see dubbed the hd "title" products, that exactly what is hd? What is 1 million pixel network camera ?
1, high definition of explanation:
At present, the definition of hd only appear in the radio and television industry, in accordance with the relevant standards, usually reveals a 16:9 ratio, can at least analytical 1080 I (1920 x 1080) resolution of digital signal, or scan lines several vertical and horizontal direction must be up to 720 P's digital signal, only meet or exceed to above standard product can be classified as hd products.
2, hd 1 million pixel camera network of definition:
HD 1 million pixel network camera is to point to to more than 12 FPS continuous collection according to the maximum resolution of 720 P (more than 1280 * 720), even more than Full HD (1080 P resolution 1920 * 1080) to a higher 2048 x 1536 screen of ip video camera. Meet the definition of the above mentioned hd hd index number of scanning of the vertical and horizontal direction to 720 P digital signal requirement, can be understood as hd products ZhongBai mega pixels level.
3, hd video camera features: the operation of the network
Hd network camera is high quality imaging monitoring system of the source, digital video directly to a collection of high-end (the actual digital sensors (CCD \ CMOS) is now available on the market, is mostly simulation collection), hd compression coding and IP packing (that is, through the simulation signal network module, compressed into digital signals), and by using the Wireless IP Camera to carry hd streaming video, realize high definition of the real-time monitoring, video playback, forward, of work; The video chip for 1 million pixel of CCD sensor (at present and the COMS mainstream of the ccd ip camera sensor pixel for more than 440000 pixels), can gain more video information, monitoring menu more clear, natural and smooth.
This information from http://www.apexis.cc/News/85.aspx.
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The development history of Hd network camera
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