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PostSubject: Find a best home helper   Fri Oct 14, 2011 3:33 pm

ip video camera has a wide variety of application field
security monitoring camera compared to HD, HD-SDI monitoring system there are obvious advantages, HD-SDI monitoring system to baseband uncompressed digital ip camera video signals over coax high-speed transmission, high-resolution images, high resolution , richer colors, etc., figure closer to the natural color quality; with high-end ptz ip camera use CCD imaging chip, the perfect 24 hours a day, showing a high-resolution, real-time video; adhering to the closed-circuit video monitoring system connection system security and stability high.
Although the HD-SDI monitoring systems have obvious advantages, but there are also a wide range of application bottlenecks need to be addressed. For example: HD-SDI long-distance transmission, storage capacity issues, HD-SDI application popularity and user awareness is not enough, the high cost of equipment are less mature, the application of smaller, yet can not meet the resolution (currently only 720P and 1080P) have higher expectations of the market and so on.
Accelerated into the field of HD-SDI high-definition monitors, multi-hand coordination required to
HD-SDI high-definition digital video surveillance camera applications to have practical significance, it is required to provide the front cover, transmission, center management, back-end set of display and storage solutions, such as HD-SDI high-definition video camera + HD-SDI Optical + HD HD-SDI Matrix + HD-SDI monitor + HD-SDI high-definition encoder + storage devices (IP-SAN). However, the cost of such applications is very high, so the major security vendors need to speed up the HD-SDI Series cameras, Optical, Matrix, hard disk recorders such as product development, to form industrial development. I believe that with HD-SDI products to enrich and more manufacturers join the engineering business, the cost will be gradually reduced, HD-SDI high-definition digital monitors will also be closer and closer.
In addition, HD-SDI monitor the popularity of high-definition digital architecture is inseparable from the construction industry standardization. As for analog CCTV upgrade HDcctv formed alliance will continue to improve and perfect the existing standards, so we have reason to believe, HD-SDI technology for existing analog CCTV system operators to upgrade to HD quality and convenient to open the door.
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Find a best home helper
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