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 A necessity in you life

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PostSubject: A necessity in you life   Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:11 pm

In the security industry, the video surveillance camera is not always the old topic. Since its inception, the innovative, derived from a variety of products equipped with special skills. In the most recent period, with the popularity of the network, network video surveillance has become a hot topic. So, wireless video surveillance, what kind of business needs and characteristics, development prospects and trends do?
In the wired ip camera, video capture and video receiver side remote access and transmission costs have been troubled by video surveillance camera industry is an important factor. Wiring is difficult, high maintenance costs led to only monitor cable laid in the traffic management, highway monitoring, monitoring of large factories and other large area, high-density areas. The high cost of wireline access and transmission of a direct impact on the traditional video surveillance in a considerable part of the application areas and scenarios. The use of wireless webcam, especially telecom operators to roll out of ubiquitous mobile communications network for both sides of the access and transmission, derived from more scenarios, the traditional network video surveillance has become another commanding heights of business development.
Driven by market demand, especially in the last two years, the popularity of commercial wireless networks, mobile civil telecommunications network to the wireless network monitoring data has brought opportunity for development. Number of surveillance cameras to make wireless network vendors came into being. Wireless network camera using the civilian communications network transmission means to do neither with the establishment of special network, but also eliminates the cost and difficulty of wiring. Derived from the video monitor more scenarios, the video surveillance market to further expand.
From the current perspective of the development of wireless networks can be divided into rigid requirements and optional requirements. Such as law enforcement, patrol, temporarily defusing subway stations do not have the wiring point of monitoring the conditions of production of the monitoring, wireless monitoring can not not be taken to achieve their goals. These are the rigid requirements of wireless networks. In the school's long-range care, residential security. In order to save maintenance costs and the choice of wiring and wireless network video surveillance is the optional requirements.
This information from http://www.apexis.cc/News/96.aspx.
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A necessity in you life
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