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  Repetition Has Many Applications—After training evaluation

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PostSubject: Repetition Has Many Applications—After training evaluation   Fri Nov 11, 2011 5:58 pm

In a sales company, the boss said to one of his employees, "The main thing to remember is repetition, repetition, repetition! That's the key! If you have a product to sell, keep harping on it in every way possible. Repeat it; cram it down people's throats. Even make yourself sickening and repulsive if you have to, but don't everforget to repeat, repeat, repeat. It's the only way to get results and sell our products!" So, the employee said, "Yes, sir!" Then the boss said, "Now, what was it you came to see me about?" And the employee replied, "Well, sir, it's about a raise, a raise, a raise!"
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Repetition Has Many Applications—After training evaluation
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