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 Apexis APM-H803-MPC-WS Megapixel ip camera - An Unbeatable Surveillance Device

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PostSubject: Apexis APM-H803-MPC-WS Megapixel ip camera - An Unbeatable Surveillance Device   Thu Dec 15, 2011 5:45 pm

The more the technology advancement the more the security threat and that too are also in its advanced stage. And this is the reality of today's technology world. Whether it is an office or a shop, there are negative elements roaming around with an eye for an opportunity to plunge into action once a lacuna is detected. And, moreover it is not possible for anyone to keep a 24 hour vigil on anything. There does arise tricky situations of which these culprits take advantage of. But all said a tight security cover is a must, no matter what. How can this take place? What steps need to be taken to curb such threats and happenings? These are questions that would come to one's mind while talking about security. The answer is simple and has been adopted by many organizations and shopping malls. And that is the installation os wireless security camera. They are not only affordable but are very easy to install and operate. One of these is the Apexis APM-H803-MPC-WS Megapixel ip camera that comes with a host of facilities. These are compact, easy to mount upon and can be easily installed. This compactness makes it to be the first choice as it easily fits into a small tricky point where no one can even notice, but it can notice everyone.

Even if it is fitted up at a considerable distance it can very well capture images clearly and stream them by way of videos in a seamless way. And what more, the quality of the picture and video that needs to be captured can be adjusted depending upon the need. The super feature of Apexis APM-H803-MPC-WS that is very much essential from identification and zeroing in point of view is its cropping facility. Suppose a suspicious act is detected. But the camera would have covered a wider area and the movements of people would be a distracting feature. To pinpoint that particular movement, the picture can be cropped and with the zooming option that can be enlarged to get a clear picture of the entire situation. Yet another intelligent feature of Apexis APM-H803-MPC-WS is its sensatory system. If it finds any suspicious movement or even if it detects that its own functions are being manipulated with, without proper permission, it immediately sends out alerts. This eliminates unauthorized handling of the camera. But there are chances that these culprits would find other ways like snapping of the power so that the camera will not operate and they will commit their crime. But these are intelligently devised with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) and so even when there is a disruption in power supply they will get it through the Ethernet thereby ensuring that they dutifully carry on their surveillance operation.

These are ip camera and they can be monitored through internet. But again the question arises what if they are hacked in between. This point too is taken care of by providing a secured routing i.e. the https. So from all security point of view these Apexis APM-H803-MPC-WS seem to be the perfect best ip camera. This information from http://www.apexis.cc
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Apexis APM-H803-MPC-WS Megapixel ip camera - An Unbeatable Surveillance Device
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