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 Regarding several hot spot analysis of the video surveillance area in 2011

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PostSubject: Regarding several hot spot analysis of the video surveillance area in 2011   Mon Dec 19, 2011 12:36 pm

China is in rapid process of urbanization, and the economic development, especially in security are intimately linked with the peace of the city, the construction of intelligent transport policy, public security awareness and the Chinese security industry in 2011 remains a good growth momentum. Compared with 2010, there have been some security export fluctuations, although a slight increase in exports. In particular, accounted for the largest proportion of anti-technology field of Video surveillance camera, showing a few big hot spot.

Market demand and technological progress, high-definition ip camera and special cameras to make rapid growth, steady growth in the camera market. HD monitor as complete sets of equipment to improve product prices, relatively high growth rate, but the absolute share or not. As the camera to improve the average clarity (including hd video camera to grow faster), hard drives and network storage devices to increase the share of the storage equipment market at a higher rate. The beginning of intensified price competition and DVR board, increasing its market concentration.

The pattern of night vision surveillance is mainly active ir ip camera (including the first generation of ordinary LED infrared cameras, the second generation of LED infrared array camera, the third generation of dot-matrix infrared camera), illumination, laser infrared, passive infrared (thermal imaging meter), supplemented by the camera. Domestic enterprises in the active infrared night vision surveillance has some advantages.

With the TV, PC monitor quality improvement, as the monitor displays the percentage of substitution increased, but also result in the actual use of the monitor display device, the average price decline. In the digital video signal, network-based, standardized, based on the information content of the beginning of their treatment and more IT systems, GIS systems, GPS systems, production management systems, operation management systems, scheduling systems and command systems seamlessly connected to the unified management and control purposes, high resolution, large screen display and multi-source access and other features of the tiled display system to become one of the hot security surveillance market. Currently, DLP, LCD and PDP are three large-screen video wall industry mainstream. DLP relies on its technical superiority of large-size seamless large-screen display system has been in a leading position; developed by the Korean company Orion splicing MPDP plasma display has its own characteristics, but is limited by the size and cost disadvantages of industrial competitiveness in some limited market segments; LCD technology has broken the "stitching Aperture," the impact of the development of the "fatal" factors, access to rapid growth in 2011, has already formed a strong dominance of DLP challenge.

From the industry globalization perspective, the core technology of video surveillance, whether optical imaging technology, audio and video decoding technology, algorithms, technology, hardware, chip technology, smart technology, currently there are increasingly significant industry trend of globalization, Chinese enterprises in the these areas will face the fierce market competition, technological backwardness must have been out of the market. As China continues to mature development environment, foreign companies in China, the possibility of increasing R & D, part of the global industrial R & D will be gradually transferred to China, but then, China will lower the value-added manufacturing echelon transferred to a part of labor cost advantage of developing countries. Some domestic security companies are starting to set up production plants in foreign countries.

The next few years, video surveillance industry will usher in a major opportunity to adjust the pattern. State surveillance systems equipment and related industry standards for security increasingly standardized project monitoring, business intelligence rating gradually standardized, industry to further improve the access threshold within the industry will re-shuffle, a group of small businesses will exit the market. Adjustments to survive the merger and reorganization of enterprises will start to improve the scale of production, significantly reducing costs. Chinese video surveillance products in the world will occupy more market share. This news from http://www.apexis.cc.
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Regarding several hot spot analysis of the video surveillance area in 2011
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