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 Who will lead H.264 video encoding high-definition ip camera

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PostSubject: Who will lead H.264 video encoding high-definition ip camera    Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:35 am

hd video camera video coding is a key parameter, which determines the transmission of video image quality and the need for network bandwidth. We are seeing high-definition ip camera video coding standard MJPEG and H.264 are, Apexis HD network camera with you to discuss who will be leading:
MJPEG (MotionJPEG) is developed based on the dynamics of JPEG image compression technology, only a single frame of a compressed video stream and the underlying does not consider the changes between different frames. This compression technology available through high-definition video images, and flexible way to set each frame of video clarity and compression, and compressed images can be any editing. But its flaws are also very clear: First, the frame loss is serious, real-time difference in ensuring every road must be the premise of high-definition, it is difficult to complete real-time compression; Second, the compression efficiency is low, transmission bandwidth and storage space occupied by large .
h.264 ip camera is the ITU-T and ISO co-founded the JVT Joint Video Team to develop a new generation of video coding standards, to achieve high video compression ratio, high image quality, a good network adaptability goals. MJPEG H.264 not only saves more than 80% of the rate, but also has better network support. H.264 introduces a mechanism for encoding the IP packet, is conducive to the packet transmission network, support network, video streaming, network resources to support the classification of different transmission codes, to obtain a smooth image quality. H.264 the bandwidth can be achieved at lower 720p, 1080i / p resolution, broadcast-quality HD video.
Although MJPEG single image to obtain better quality, but because it is sports, bandwidth and storage space occupancy has a fatal flaw, HD network camera with H.264 based next inevitable.
This information from http://www.apexis.cc/News/55.aspx.
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Who will lead H.264 video encoding high-definition ip camera
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