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 Europe set to the most remote network surveillance camera Mars

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PostSubject: Europe set to the most remote network surveillance camera Mars    Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:47 pm

Dispatch of sina science and technology on August 27, Beijing time news, according to the exploration of magazine, you can through the ip camera (webcam) catch a glimpse of the bird's nest, an active volcano eruption of true colors looming spectacles, and the shuttle program, and even to check the traffic. But these are the earth happened, if you want to see further, right now what should I do?
You need to turn to the solar system's most remote network cameras: "Mars express" optical monitoring camera. The European "Mars express orbiter carry this video cameras since 2003 has been in orbit around the red planet flight. At first it is used to monitor the hunting dog "rabbit with landers shuttle was separation and have completed main mission.
Last year, the European space agency ground controllers and caprice: whether to open "Mars express" camera to provide tourists, some spectacular scenery of Mars. So, they have started check this camera action. Although "sleeping" for three years, but the good condition video surveillance camera optical, control personnel began through its unique lens.
The camera is not used for scientific purposes, in other words, from its data can't easily as a scientific analysis must to ensure the accuracy of the frame of reference, but it really let us see the Mars spectacular side, can be used to monitor the climate conditions on Mars and other changes. The photo above shows we on earth in the landscape: never see the crescent of Mars, and equal the sun seems to peep at the edge zone of secret.
If you want to see the scene in the earth, Mars must be located on you and the sun in the center, but, compared with Mars, earth distance closer to the sun, so, this scene never shown. In addition, there's rotation and Mars climate models of animation, absolutely wonderful transformation. "Mars express" project control staff hopes to get more eye-catching photograph.
They put forward the request: photo issued an open invite feedback: you can help them deal with the original photo data file and the following instructions: what did you see? Photos of the show is that part of the surface of Mars? You can recognize what of geographical characteristics? You see what the Martian atmosphere area or the atmosphere of? You can log on to their web site on Mars. It may be you see on network cameras in the most interesting objects.
This information from http://www.apexis.cc/News/73.aspx.
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Europe set to the most remote network surveillance camera Mars
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